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Posted by Gamequeen420 - 2 weeks ago

Chapter One, Page Five

This Page is Best Experienced with the Track: Toad Town by MasterKillua

Lucy quickly dashed behind Ross and pinned his arm behind his back "I said let him go." She said again, her pupils… irises… glew white, with a halo appearing over her head.

Ross repeatedly yelled that he was sorry and let Nick go, where Lucy let go of his arm. She walked away with Nick and blew a raspberry in Hatz's direction. Ross was left basically pouting on the floor.

When the duo arrived at the friend's yard, Nick was almost immediately tackled by a… mackerel, that was a "dog"? That's what it acted like.

Nick pet the thing, chuckling, "I miss you too buddy!" He said. A girl, who was a humanoid apple pie, came running over, picking up the mackerel, "Mackie! I thought I made it clear to not go outside without telling me! … Oh! Hi Nick!" She then said. This was the friend Nicholas was talking about.


"Hey PomPom…" Nick replied, getting up. "Did you see the meteor thing that crashed down a couple of minutes ago?" PomPom shook her head "I was playing with Mackie!" She explained. "Eh, you'll probably see it on the news, anyway! This is the girl that came out of the meteor/pod that came down! Her name is Lucy!" He said enthusiastically. "Hello, it's nice to meet you!" Lucy said.

"You too!" PomPom replied. "So, can she stay at your house until we get something worked out… you know how my ma gets around these types of patterns…" Nick asked. "Why sure!" PomPom answered "I'm sure my parents'll say yes!" After that conversation, the three played outside for a couple of hours.

"Alright, It's getting late… I have to go, bye PomPom!" Nick yelled. PomPom also said goodbye before seeing Lucy staring at something in the forest. "Whatcha looking at?" PomPom asked. "Ah, um… excuse me for a second…" Lucy said, running off into the forest. Pomona shrugged it off and went inside to talk to her parents about Lucy staying there.

Lucy encountered something strange there… it looked like a weird face on a tree. It was made out of blood, she reached out to touch it…

Back at PomPom's place. A bloodcurdling scream was heard in the forest

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Posted by Gamequeen420 - 1 month ago

- Ultrans have a similar format to the x and y chromosome system that determines the sex of a baby

- This also determines the pigment of their skin, Hot Pink[F] and Orange[M]

- Their antennae can range in color

- They've been around about 5x as long as humans have, and are a type 2.75 civilization.

- They are usually represented by a leader that helps their head government make decisions, similar to a president, but for the entire species, and with a lot more responsibility.

- Reproduction system is near identical to human

- They have no ears, and hear through their antennae, and have even better hearing than humans do!


Posted by Gamequeen420 - October 22nd, 2021

Chapter 1, Page 4

This Page is Best Accompanied by the Track: Bully [Instrumental] by Simply EJ

After a while, the duo crosses an alleyway and hears the Hatzgang arguing. "Roy, calm down, we'll get him later…" Robert told Roy, who responded with "NO, I'm NOT GONNA CALM DOWN!" Nick backed against the wall when he heard them.

"Something wrong?" Lucy asked, Nick almost immediately shushing her. "These guys are assholes…" Nick whispered "Maybe you could…" "Distract them?" Lucy finished "Got it!"

As she walked into view, Ross and Robert backed up a little in confusion. Ross looked back to see who it was "What the- Why are you miscolored!?" He yelled. "Oh uh, I'm a different species!" She responded, "Pretty freakin' obvious." She then mumbled to herself.

"Pfft! No way! Just look at those things!" He said, pointing at Lucy's antennae. "Those are fake!" Lucy then tugged on one to prove him wrong, Roy didn't believe it, though. "You're not doing it hard enough!" He said, trying to reach for Lucy's antennae. She smacked his hand away, "Don't even think about it." She said sternly.

"MMMMMMMMMM- Robert!" He commanded. "A-Alright." He responded. Going over to try and yank on her antennae. Lucy then smacked him away, looking more annoyed than before.

Robert backed away, letting out a "Sorry…" "What are you doing!?" Roy yelled. "Do you see her man! She might bite my hand off!" "You're obviously not going to be of any help… Ross!" Roy commanded. "No way man…" He responded.

Meanwhile, Nick was slowly inching his way into view to sneak by, and that's when Roy spotted him. "HEY!" Roy shouted as Nick quickly tried to run across. Unfortunately, Ross was able to grab him by his hoodie and drag him to where the rest of them were. "Let him go! Now!" Lucy commanded Ross. "No way! Besides, what're you gonna do about it? Slap my wrist?" He responded, Roy letting out a chuckle.

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Posted by Gamequeen420 - October 16th, 2021

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Posted by Gamequeen420 - October 2nd, 2021

Chapter 01, Page 03

This Page is Best Accompanied by the Track:

Forest Maze [Color Splash Rendition] by Ruven Wegner

"He's probably gonna get eaten by whatever's in that thing anyway…" He followed up. Meanwhile, he slid to a stop when met with the pod. He found a hatch and removed it. And was met with a strange alien girl, sporting a red shirt, a denim skirt, and brown boots


Nicholas, confused and a bit scared, pulled the girl out of the pod… he shook her hoping that would work, and surprisingly. It did. "Huh…" Said the girl, as she sat up. "A-Are you alright?" Asked Nick, "Yeah, I-I'm good…" She replied. She had cyan eyes, er. It was more pupils? The part of her eye that was supposed to be white was black. So there's no telling what the colored sliver is.

She sat up after a bit, "So, where am I?" She asked. "You're in the city of New Ground." He replied. "B-Before you ask, I cant take you home… Ma'll probably think you are some kind of demon with the pattern on your skin." The girl chuckled with a sense of irony.

"You could probably stay at my friend's house. Her parents are away for about a week, and she's very nice…" Nick continued. "Sounds like a plan!" She exclaimed, jumping up. "Also, my name is Lucy!" She introduced. "Name's Nick." He replied. After that, they started their walk to the other side of town. Going through the alleyways to cut through the commercial area separating the park and his friend's neighborhood.

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Posted by Gamequeen420 - September 23rd, 2021

Chapter One, Page Two

This Page is Best Accompanied by the track:

Forest Maze [Color Splash Rendition] by Ruven Wegner


"I didn't say anything, asshole!" Nick yelled, backing up. Roy then grunted and snatched the stick Nick had, "Hey!" He yelled, "Gimme that back!" "No, I want it, it's mine now!" Roy replied.

"I'll just go find another!" Nick retaliated and then stormed off. Roy threw the flimsy stick at Nick's head, where it broke upon impact. Nicholas looked back at Roy, unimpressed.

Roy then kicked the ground as the group began to walk off before overheating Nick call him stupid. "OH, YOUR GONNA REGRET THAT!" Roy yelled starting to chase after Nick, "Roy, wait!" Ross and Robert said, trying to stop Roy.

Nicholas turned back before turning right back around and running. While they were running, a streak of fire crossed the sky as everybody stopped running. The object crashed into the forest.

Intrigued and forgetting about Hatzgang, he ran towards the crash site. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING." Roy yelled, about to chase after him before Robert grabbed him, "Let him go, man…"

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Posted by Gamequeen420 - September 22nd, 2021

Chapter One, Page One

This Page Is Best Accompanied by the Track: Bully [Instrumental] by Simply EJ

Nicholas was playing in the forest, the boy dawned a yellow hoodie with some black cargo pants. He had black hair and purple eyes.

He was playing with a stick, pretending that he was a knight trying to save a princess. "HEY!" A voice yelled out, "Eep!" Exclaimed a startled Nick.

The three members of the Hatzgang emerged, they commonly pestered Nick. "What are you doing?" Roy asked in a demanding tone. Nick stayed silent, he was super embarrassed, Roy walked over. "What's with the stick? Huh?"

"I-I was… Saving a Princess…" Nicholas said. "PFFFFFT, you wish, like anybody would want to be your princess!" Roy exclaimed. "Yeah, you would know the feeling, dumbass" Nick mumbled.

"WHAT!?" Roy yelled. "Nothing!" Nick replied. "No, I heard something! SO SPIT IT OUT YOU LITTLE DIP!" He yelled, getting in Nicks's face.

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Posted by Gamequeen420 - August 29th, 2021

Chapter-0, Page-1


Me trying to make things sympathetic make me feel like I'm being cringe


Posted by Gamequeen420 - August 29th, 2021

iu_403331_9262527.webpSomebody made this for me while I was going through art block!